The main duties of a Commercial Agent are:

Sell equipment and solutions.

Carry out consultations to capture customer needs and sell solutions.

Capture the data requested for the preparation of preliminary proposals by Revitar do Brasil.

Be a representative of the Revitalization of the air, distributing the material and informing your customers and contacts of the news and benefits.

Present the proposal prepared with technical and commercial quality, removing all doubts with the commercial team of Revitar do Brasil.

Fill out the online request for proposal forms with all the requested information.

Inform Revite the status of customers whose proposals have already been prepared

• Optional: Can provide installation, when requested by Revitar, being registered as a supplier agent, having pre-evaluated operational conditions to perform the service.

• Optional: You can offer maintenance and support to the implemented solutions, being registered as a supplier agent, having pre-evaluated operational conditions to perform the service.

After these initial steps are met, the Commercial Agent will define in the registration:

Initial area intended for commercialization. (Only to obtain customers not registered by other agents and present in that region).

Registration of customer reservations, to set up your specific customer portfolio;

Focus product or segment. (It will not be limited to this segment)

The Commercial Agent will receive:

Digital banners, for placement on the website and other locations;

Digital Material for Disclosure;

Technical and commercial support;

Videos and courses to expand knowledge;

Digital folders of the products, with their contacts and possibility of printing by the agent, following the instructions of Revitar.

World Air Revitalization Agent Seal;

* It is up to the Agent to make prints of digital folders for delivery to customers. Revitar supports document scanning, for this reason, we indicate presentation of the folders on a notebook, tablet or other tool.

The conditions of remuneration and commissioning for sales made will be presented in the interview with the Regional Manager at the time of completing the registration.

There will also be a GOAL program to be achieved during the year to be established between the Commercial Agent and the Revitalization Manager. These goals will be monitored and followed up monthly to make sure that the marketing process is being followed and the agent is on the right track.


To be a Commercial Agent, the company must fill out a specific form, which will be analyzed by REVITAR and will have its approval informed by e-mail.

Then, a face-to-face or virtual meeting with the responsible manager will be scheduled.

After the meeting, the contract and information regarding the terms of remuneration and commission for sales will be sent by email.

Materials and information will be sent after receipt of the duly signed contract.

The license is annual and is renewed for equal periods based on the date of adhesion to the Commercial Agent agreement.

The Commercial Agent positions are as follows:

One that reaches a REVITAR product sales value of over R $ 1,000,000.00 / year and guarantees the installation, support and maintenance of the products sold. Being able to be invited to become a regional replicator, responsible for qualified agents, new agents and making your unit a subsidiary of Revitar do Brasil.

The one that reaches the REVITAR product sales value above R $ 800,000.00 / year. It now has priority in receiving customers in that region and special support from Revitar do Brasil to expand sales.

The one that reaches the REVITAR product sales value above R $ 400,000.00 / year. Getting a bigger investment in regional marketing by Revitar, in addition to a digital page talking about your participation in the program.

Estágio inicial de todos os agentes habilitados com suporte básico, informações digitais e auxilio comercial.
*Outras informações serão transmitidas após o cadastro.

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