Investment in solar energy – Banks, investors, funds and other financial institutions interested in investing in large projects developed with the products of Revitar do Brasil, obtaining pre-determined profitability.

Investment process:

The approved investing agent will determine in your registration the maximum amount you wish to invest.

All projects prepared by Revitar with interest in financing or leasing with a purchase option by the end customer, will be structured for analysis by the investing agents.

Only projects with value within the investment range stipulated in the registration will be sent.

The Project will be sent to the registered email.

Revitar will be available to answer questions or provide more information.

The process of analysis and acceptance by the investor must be carried out in a maximum of 5 working days.

The first agent who sends the acceptance, guarantees participation in that opportunity.

There may be joint investment projects, when no agent has the available investment range in the required amount.

Investing agents will also be able to use the Revitar de Actuation Mundial brand to revitalize the air, by signing the term of responsibility.

Investor Agent registration and approval process:

Filling in the online registration form.

Meeting to understand the characteristics and objectives of the investor.

Signature of the term of commitment and confidentiality of the information that will be sent from each project for investment.

When qualifying, the type of investment you wish to receive must be clearly defined.

The qualification is annual and is renewed for equal periods based on a new meeting.

Investment in solar energy and sustainable infrastructure is with Revitar do Brasil.

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