In the Brazilian market for 10 years, serving the entire national territory, developing technologies and solutions that contribute to the revitalization of the air we breathe, reducing the emission of polluting gases, deforestation and replacing unsustainable technologies, always focusing on the synergy of society with the environment.

With a differentiated and innovative proposal, Revitar launched the Air Revitalization Agents program. In addition to creating a new way of acting, named “Cooperation Market”, where it starts a growth and cooperation network so that all companies related to the environment and renewable energy can work together for a better planet.


In 2011, it started testing and developing the first line of products that is already commercialized in the Brazilian market, Vita Luz. The commitment to quality, the concern to develop the models that would best serve the market, with sustainable and environmental requirements , made the product stand out.

In 2013, Revitar started looking for companies with specific solutions, in favor of the Environment, integrating and unifying governmental and corporate environmental actions. Developing other solutions and starting the tests to enable future releases.

In 2014, Revitar launched the Air Revitalization Agents Program, which seeks commercial agents, supplier agents, installers and investing agents to expand its operations and who are interested in joining this area, start with tested, structured solutions and with assistance technician. In the same year, Revitar appeared in some press articles and carried out some concept tests in large companies in the national market. The brand “Worldwide Performance of AR Revitalization”, which accompanies all Revitar products and solutions, began to be recognized and valued by entrepreneurs interested in improving the current conditions of the environment.

All Revitar product lines began to be modernized, with generation technology, in addition to aesthetic improvements, weight reduction and nationalization of components.

Develop solutions, technologies and actions that promote the synergy of society with the environment.

To be a national reference company in solutions, technologies and actions in favor of the environment and the revitalization of the air we breathe.

1 – The environment first.
2 – Valuing the people who work
in our mission.
3 – Grow, learn and evolve
4 – Proactivity.
5 – Respect for planet Earth.
6 – Seek tirelessly the
sustainable development of


Linha Vita Luz – Photovoltaic solar lighting pole;
Revitar produces and implements the Vita Luz Line, autonomous poles supplied by solar energy, with models for different applications.

Vita Telha – Photovoltaic system for roofs;
Revitar supplies KITs from the Vita Telha Line, a photovoltaic system connected to the power grid (Grid-Tie) for roofs and roofs.

Integrated Vita – Project that integrates Vita Telha and Vita Led;
Solution that integrates Vita Telha + Vita Park + LED lighting retrofit to reduce consumption and generate photovoltaic solar energy in the available areas.

Vita Park
Cover for parking spaces with photovoltaic plates for power generation
connected to the grid.

Vita Telecom
Off-Grid photovoltaic system for solar energy generation, supplying telecom, security, wi-fi and measurement systems.

Ponto Vita
Bus stop with solar photovoltaic power generation in its cover for lighting and other safety applications.


Be an agent of the market of greater ascension and importance in the world, participating in some way with this proposition. Act on improving and revitalizing the air and the world environment.

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