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Revitar do Brasil – External Lighting with Solar Photovoltaic Energy for Universities – Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro UFRRJ

We all know how essential it is to have a well-planned lighting project. When we talk about educational environments, this issue becomes even more important. UFRRJ – Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, aware of this need, had the great initiative of implementing a totally innovative system in the external areas.

The objectives of increasing the safety of students and employees, improving circulation and supporting sustainable technology were concluded with praise, through a product from Revitar do Brasil: Vita Luz! The educational institution gained autonomous poles and supplied with photovoltaic solar energy! The roads that were previously dark, have become illuminated.

The advantages of Vita Luz are many! LED lighting, in addition to being easily installed, is professional and lasts twice as long as lead acid battery systems. Long life is ensured by the lithium-ion batteries that are hidden in the posts. This differential eliminates the need for external racks for lighting operation! All of this generates savings and security without harming the environment. It is the highest technology combined with excellent energy efficiency.

Lanetwork was responsible for the implementation and management of this project. After previous and consistent studies on the needs of the place, they turned the dream of Ricardo Luiz, dean of the university, and Sérgio Vieira, Coordinator of Sustainable Logistics and Engineer in Work Safety, into a reality. The solution that combines economy, efficiency and sustainability was found in this product from Revitar do Brasil.

It is not for nothing that UFRRJ is so renowned! Actions like this show the value of an institution that goes beyond offering courses: the university is also concerned with collaborating with the construction of a better, safer and more sustainable world. After modernization, everyone at UFRRJ feels confident to move freely around the campus, regardless of the time. Students, employees and the planet are grateful for the investment in outdoor lighting with solar photovoltaic energy!

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