Rural areas, small paths, trails, bike paths and parks.

The Vita Luz 1.30 photovoltaic solar light pole is the ideal solution for outdoor lighting projects for people transit areas and leisure areas that need good night lighting until a certain time, maintaining energy savings, without spending on cabling, without energy dependence of the local concessionaire, with durability and sustainability.


REVITAR produces and implements autonomous lighting poles, supplied with solar energy for the most diverse situations. The technical solution was developed so that the sunlight captured by the photovoltaic cells is transformed into electrical energy and stored in accumulators that will keep the LED lamp on the pole at night. This solution allows to activate and deactivate the use of the pole lighting automatically and keep the lamp on for up to 12 hours continuously.

Vita Luz has the standard aesthetic model and can be changed in special projects. Installation and activation is simple, as the product is delivered in a modular way and can be installed by the customer, following the instructions available in the manual.

  • To preserve the environment;
    Pure Energy, without carbon production and there is no need to modify the environment for its implementation.
    Low Maintenance and Repair;
    It does not need constant maintenance and repairs as it is completely autonomous and powered by solar energy.
    Photovoltaic Energy and LED Lamp; The photovoltaic module has an estimated durability of 25 years and the durability of the LED lamp is about 25 times greater than conventional technology, in addition to converting 40% of the energy into lighting.
    No need for local infrastructure; It does not require structured cabling, power points, piping structure and switch.
    It only needs direct exposure to sunlight. Innovative design and recognition; State-of-the-art advanced technology, in addition to bearing the “Worldwide Performance of Air Revitalization” brand, set in the solutions provided by Revitar.
    Energy Independence Independence of Energy Concessionaires and external infrastructure.

The product can be installed by the customer following the installation manual or by an installer accredited by Revitar

  • Certified and homologated products in accordance with current regulations;
    Complete turn key system;
    National Support and Manufacturing;
    The entire installation and dimensional design is designed for high performance, with a high level of reliability;
    Pioneer in the photovoltaic system for external lighting in Brazil;
    It has automation mechanisms, with activation and deactivation programming;
    Easy Viability; It only needs direct exposure to sunlight, and cannot be in a shaded area;
    The Led lamp has a durability of 50,000 hours and the entire structure provided is resistant and has an estimated durability of 25 years;
    Photovoltaic energy does not have points of failure equal to conventional, not requiring constant maintenance or having power outages;
    Tubular lithium ion storage system hidden inside the pole, with an estimated durability of 10 years;

Better understand the parts that make up the Vita Luz Line.

Photovoltaic System
Composed of photovoltaic modules (solar panels) of high efficiency, modular protective box, fixation structure with manual adjustment of azimuth and angle to optimize the capture of energy at different times of the year.

Control system
Responsible for managing and optimizing the capture and delivery of energy to accumulators, automatic day / night recognition, timer, system temperature compensation, protection of accumulators and consumption. In addition to providing information for remote monitoring on some models.

Batteries responsible for storing energy that will be used at night and for a few days of autonomy determined in the dimensioning. Designed to withstand high temperatures and several deep cycles, withstanding years of use. They have ISO9002, ISO14000 and ISOTS16949 certifications, are approved by Anatel.

Led lightning
Lighting with a high efficiency index, uniform brightness, without UV rays, up to 25 times greater durability and up to 5x less energy consumption, compared to some conventional technologies.

Important informations


The selected batteries are calculated for an ideal number of cycles.
The Vita Luz Luz line, has a battery change guaranteed in the purchase of the product, within three years.
Used batteries should be sent to Revitar, which will process the return to the manufacturer, enabling rapid recycling.
The system temperatures directly affect the batteries, for this reason, the batteries in the Vita Luz line are dimensioned and ideal for higher temperatures.

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