The product was developed by Revitar in the national market with the aim of providing coverage for vehicles and generating solar energy, supplying the consumer unit and making the surplus available to the local energy concessionaire to obtain energy credits.

Thus, the investment has the return and profitability that it would not have when applying conventional coverage. In addition, the estimated durability is 25 years of generation, in addition to protecting the establishment from constant variations in the conventional energy tariff.

The Vita Park was designed and produced using the most technical techniques for harnessing solar energy and is considered a new milestone in the sustainable use of outdoor areas, in addition to the benefits it provides for the establishment’s customers.

Photovoltaic cover for parking lots.

Photovoltaic panels can generate a greater amount of energy than consumption, making it possible to earn credits with the local energy concessionaire.

The product is modular and each unit covers 2 (two) spaces.

  • It can be used as on-grid (connected to the mains) or off-grid for remote systems.
    Immediate reduction of the energy bill.
    Own generation of clean energy.
    Coverage and shading for vehicles and customers, providing a modern and protected environment.
    You have the possibility to obtain other stamps available on the market.
    Safety and ensure operation. Project with a high reliability index, as it depends only on exposure to sunlight.
    Innovative design. The parts and equipment used in the composition of the product are advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.
    Ease of installation. Parts and easy assembly and transport for the installation of a qualified team.
    It preserves the environment with pure energy, without carbon production and there is no need to modify the environment for its implementation.
    Low maintenance and repair.
    Estimated 25-year durability of photovoltaic modules.

The product can be installed by the customer following the installation manual or by an installer accredited by Revitar


Complete system (turb-key).

Fast activation and generation.

National support.

Return on investment and profitability.

Make sure:

Panels: 10 years against manufacturing and material defects. 25 years against loss of production (80%).
Inverters: 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.
Structure: 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

Technical data will be provided with the budget and project.

The silicon modules capture the inexhaustible sunlight and transform it into electrical energy.

When the sky is cloudy the modules are able to capture the diffuse energy, which is reflected by the reflection, the clouds and the albedo, while supplying energy in reduced proportions.

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