Structure for sloping, flat or shed roofs, Residential, Gas stations, Small businesses and Agribusiness


The Vita Telecom line is designed to supply power to communication radios, link radios, satellite communication antennas, power to towers, security systems in remote locations and expansion of providers, operators, radios and broadcasters. In this way, the site will have an autonomous system, which supplies and guarantees the functioning of its equipment with stored load for days with low solar incidence, control system, lithium ion battery and some models for differentiated consumption potentials.

  • Energy independence of equipment.

    Independence of Concessionaires and Energy and Local Infrastructure.

    Structure can be adapted to the available space and even be fixed to the tower when appropriate.

    Safety and operation guarantee; design with high reliability index.

    Innovative design; the parts and equipment used in the composition of the product are advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.

    Ease of installation. Easy to assemble and transport parts with installation manual.

    Easy Viability – Requires only direct exposure to sunlight.

    Automation, monitoring and control of the system.

    Sustainability with Pure Energy, without carbon production and there is no need to modify the environment for its implementation.

    Recognition by the “World Performance in the Air Revitalization” Brand.

    Low maintenance and repair. Photovoltaic energy does not have points of failure equal to conventional, does not require constant maintenance, repairs and is not affected by power outages.

    Photovoltaics. Without electricity costs and the photovoltaic module has an estimated durability of 25 years.

    You can undergo upgrades at any time for expansion.

    It has a storage place for batteries, controllers, inverters and connectors.

The product can be installed by the customer following the installation manual or by an installer accredited by Revitar

Product reliability.

Complete turn key system.

Special and Dedicated Project.


The entire installation and dimensional design is designed for high performance, with a high level of reliability.

Pioneer in the system dedicated to telecommunication in Brazil.

Control and Protection System.

Earth to protect the circuit against electrical discharges (If not in place).

  • Technical data will be provided with the budget;
    The entire external structure has IP 65 protection;
    Fixing the ground to protect the system against electrical discharges if it is not there.
    If there is no place for storage, the metal control cabinet is attached to the side of the panels and has resistance to high temperatures through a large air circulation designed for this purpose;
    The accumulator system will be calculated for the autonomy days requested by the customer, with a minimum of 1 days of operation without sunlight;
    All external wiring will be protected against UV rays;
    Inverters and controllers can come with a visual operating information system, visual and audible alerts if requested;
    In every solution, switches will be installed to turn off the necessary part of the system, facilitating maintenance, without stopping the operation of telecommunication equipment.
    The silicon modules, which capture endless sunlight and transform into energy, can reach the desired power.
    When the sky is cloudy, the modules are able to capture the diffuse energy, which is reflected by the reflection, the clouds and the albedo, while supplying energy in reduced proportions;
    In places without protection against theft, a grid with an electric fence, fed by the solar panel itself, can be installed around the entire photovoltaic system to increase the security of the place; (request in the project)
  • Photovoltaic modules;
    Stainless steel structure for fixation;
    Resistant conduct;
    External and internal cables with protection from UV rays and high temperatures. (DC and AC)
    Metal cabinet with IP 65 protection;
    Charge controller.
    Accumulators / batteries.
    Circuit breakers
    DC-AC inverter. (If the equipment does not work in direct current)
    Earth to protect the circuit against electrical discharges. (If not in place)
    Stainless steel screws.
    Other electrical materials.
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