What it takes to generate solar energy for business

When we think about solar energy, the first thing that comes to our mind is the savings on the electricity bill. In fact, this is one of the decisive factors for the implementation, after all, every entrepreneur must be concerned with finances!

According to studies by the Industry Portal, 93% of the companies perceived the increase in electricity costs in recent years and 35% stated that the impact on production was significant. With a solar energy system in place, this picture changes shape. The electricity bill can have a huge reduction, exceeding 90% in some cases. It’s really a lot of savings!

A sustainable system can also benefit the company in other ways, such as loyalty of customers who value the practices of preserving the environment, something that is very high nowadays. Your company can (and should!) Start to develop a culture of sustainability!

But what does it take to generate solar energy in a company?

To generate solar energy in companies, it is necessary to install a photovoltaic system connected to the grid, also called an on-grid system. This system works through a kit with solar panels and other equipment. This plate will capture sunlight to convert it into electrical energy.

The system is interconnected with the public network of the energy distributor, which means that all surplus energy – not used throughout the day – is sent to the public network and entitles you to an energy credit, a discount valid for up to 60 months. . Example: in a given month, your solar system produced 700 kWh, but your company consumed only 570 kWh. Then, 130 kWh are transformed into credits that will be discounted in the next accounts.

The excess energy produced that is not offset at the place of origin can be used to offset the consumption of other places, as long as they are registered for this purpose and served by the same energy distributor. The holder – CPF or CNPJ – must also be the same! That is, you can generate the energy in another location, but use it in your company.

That is how you will achieve a huge reduction in the electricity bill, paying only the minimum fee, which varies according to the group in which your company fits. For large companies, belonging to group A, the minimum amount charged will be equal to the contracted demand and stipulated in the energy bill. For smaller companies, belonging to group B, the minimum amount charged will be equal to the cost of network availability.

The installation of a solar energy system is not complicated, as long as it is done by qualified professionals. A prior assessment of the terrain or coverage on which the system will be installed is important.

Roofs cannot contain areas of shade generated by neighboring buildings, as they need to receive enough light throughout the day. Depending on the energy demand that your company needs, a larger space is also needed to install more solar panels. The type of soil and topography of the terrain also count: flat areas are more suitable. All of this will be evaluated by those who create their sustainable energy project.

For the installation to be carried out, it is also necessary for your company to go through a regulatory process, which involves the approval of the project and homologation issues, in accordance with Aneel normative resolutions 482/12 and 687/15. After these steps, you will be free to use solar energy in your company.

So, do you want to have a business with greater cash flow stability, a great return on investment and credibility in the sustainable area? So, let’s install a solar power system! Count on us! Revitar do Brasil brings sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency technologies to the entire country. Make a simulation with our team. Contact!

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