WiFi with Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Brazil - Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

Is it possible to combine technology with sustainability? This is already a reality in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. The place, known for its 54 hectares of green area, also encourages environmental awareness through the services available to the population: Wi-Fi works with photovoltaic solar energy!

This was only possible thanks to the solution given by Revitar do Brasil through one of the products offered by the company, Vita Telecom. This product makes it possible to deploy Wi-Fi networks in areas without power, using off-grid photovoltaic technology to transform these regions into true digital cities.

Vita Telecom is easy to assemble and, therefore, for the implementation, there is no need to make any changes to the environment. The entire installation is done taking into account the infrastructure of the site. Because it is an isolated system that uses light as a raw material, it is self-sufficient: surplus energy is stored to ensure smooth operation at all times.

The Wi-Fi devices at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro are not from Revitar do Brasil, but it is Vita Telecom that generates energy for the network to work, supplying the equipment through the poles called “Pé de Wi-Fi”. This product became the right arm of the IT and Telecom companies, since it makes the implementation of networks feasible, transforming areas previously considered unfeasible into favorable locations.

This very advanced and innovative technology can also be used to take out of paper several projects that need energy to work, such as agroprecision, monitoring by cameras and lighting.

To be a digital city, it is necessary to use technology in favor of the environment and the quality of life of the population. The Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, when implementing this system with Revitar do Brasil, became an example in offering a free and quality internet to citizens. Every city and every garden can be digital: just use the right tool!

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